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I’m Daniel Reitsma, the photographer behind the concepts in TimeBOUND photography that you’ll find on this site.

As a photographer I like to take photos because they capture a moment in time, one that you’ll never get to experience again.

As a Christian I believe that our limited time here is a gift but I also believe that we’re to live it to the full.

From the day we’re born, our whole life is measured out in time. In the modern world our life is run by time, down to the day, to the hour. It’s time to get up, time to pick up the kids, time to go shopping , time to pay that bill, time to meet up with friends, time to have a party, time to relax, time to think.

It’s because we’re bound by time that I get my inspiration to take photos. As you’ll see in this site the ideas in the photos I take all relate to their space in time.

Right now on the site are the galleries from the 24 hours in a city concept. The idea behind this series is to see the changes that a city goes through in one day. It’s not often that we observe our surroundings while caught up in our busy lives, let alone see our surroundings for a full 24 Hours. In the 24 Hours in a city series I like to take photos of people in their normal lives, a cook taking a break, someone waiting in a fast food restaurant, people waiting for a bus or waiting to get into a club, a Christmas party!

My aim by taking these photos and having this website is to challenge you to look at life and think about where it’s taking you and to encourage you to take the time to appreciate the smaller things in life.

I hope you enjoy your visit.

Yours truly,

Daniel Reitsma

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